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Step 1 - Your personal details
Step 1

Step 1 - Your personal details

Thank you for your interest in filing an application for the Harry Otten Prize. Sending it is very easy, on this page we ask for some personal data (fields marked with * are mandatory), in the second step you can upload your application and finally you just need to confirm that you agree with the Rules of Contest and that the idea is your own work.

Please provide us with some background about yourself in a one page CV. You may also name one or more persons in the CV that may act as a reference but this is voluntary and does not affect the evaluation of your idea by the board.

Personals (second person)
Address (second person)

Personals (third person)
Address (third person)
Step 2 - Your entry
Step 2

Step 2 - Your entry

Please enter the title of your idea (max. 100 characters) and a brief abstract (max. 800 characters). Finally please upload a description of your idea in PDF or Word format which may also contain graphics and pictures but must not exceed three pages.

Step 3 - Acceptance
Step 3

Step 3 - Acceptance

I/We confirm that I/We have read and accept the rules of contest as described in

I/We declare that the idea is completely attributable to the me/us as the competitor (or the group members) and that, as far as I am/we are aware, other parties cannot lay claim to the idea.

Template Files

In order to make it easy for you to apply for the Harry Otten Prize we provide you with templates for the CV and the Application itself. We also accept a different format if it is according to the rules but we encourage you to use the forms as it makes the selection process for the jury a little easier. patek philippe replica 

If you want to use the templates, you first need to download them to your local computer. Then you can edit the files and save them locally. When filling out the online form upload your files to the website. You can upload either .doc format or .pdf.