Short presentation by prize winners and board members

Interviews with the Harry Otten Prize winners and finalists, and members of the Board of the Harry Otten Foundation (link to YouTube).

Electronic Flyers

In order to make the Harry Otten Prize better known we also make promotional material available. If you want to distribute our hard-copy flyers during a conference or lecture covering meteorological or adjacent topics feels free to contact us. You can also download one of the electronic flyers listed below and print it out yourself or use it within a journal directed to the meteorological community. 

Banners for websites

We also offer to include one of our banners in your website if you wish to present a graphical appealing link to The two graphics shown below can be downloaded and easily used. They have standard banner size of 728x90 or 468x60 pixels.

Of course you can also link to our website without these banners. We appreciate every reference made.

Banner 728x90 pixels
Banner 468x60 pixels